The FIRST card trick I ever learned! – Beginner Magic Tutorial

Welcome back. Just got back from New York, and I’m a bit sleepy, but I thought I’d have to grind this one out because I’m actually, by the time you’re watching this, I’ll be in Toronto for Toronto International Film Festival. I’ll be performing there which is amazing.

I’m so looking forward to that. Hopefully I can film something for you guys to watch while I’m there. But regardless, that’s not why we’re here today.

We’re here to learn something, and I’m here to teach it. Today I’m gonna teach you one of the very first card routines that I’ve ever learned in my entire life. And this can be your first card routine if you’re just getting started in magic.

And if you’re not, this can be something you can add to your repertoire. Super easy to do and a lot of fun. In fact, ugh. In fact, when you’re performing and someone asks you, oh man, can you teach me something that I can show my girlfriend or can you teach me a trick that I can show my friends with, this is usually the one that I end up teaching because it’s simple slight-of-hand.

It’s fun to learn, fun to do, and it looks really cool. And by the way, if you’re looking to skip through this section, yes the tutorial hasn’t started yet, but if you’re part of the Ram fam or wanna join that, link below to the merch. Like how I plugged that right there? I’m gonna be adding an iPhone and phone covers very soon to that store, so stay tuned for that. Also an update on First playing cards, they are coming, guys, they are coming.

I’m super stoked about this. I’m just working out pricing right now. If this video gets over five thousand likes, I will share the design to the First playing cards early. If not, you’re just gonna have to wait. Alright, let’s get into the tutorial. Let’s go.

Folks, go get yourself a deck of cards. I’m gonna be using these cards. These are from Dan and Dave. They’re private reserve, no longer available. But if you’re looking for some cool cards, I’ll leave the link below where you can shop some.

So I’m gonna show you two effects that you can do with the same principle. Let’s roll a clip of the first performance. Alright, I’m gonna show you a bit of a demonstration on a card gambling technique known as estimation.

Now, if you can estimate where the cards may be in the deck, you might be able to shuffle them in your favor. So for instance, I’m gonna grab two random cards here. We have the six and the nine, so the black six and the black nine. I’m gonna take those two and leave them at random spots in the deck.

Probably I’m gonna say, I’m gonna say 21 and 36. That’s about 21 and 36, I believe. So if that’s 21 and 36, that’s how you find the six and the nine.

So basically this trick is known as the six and nine trick. That’s how I know it. I don’t know it be any other name. But it basically is a very simple principle which is a pseudo-duplicate. And what pseudo-duplicates are is when two cards look alike but they are not the same, such as the six and nine six and nine. Now I know if you don’t know this trick already most of you are going, well that’s kind of stupid.

But actually this fools most people, and because there’s a little bit of psychology involved with this, you don’t actually mention you have the six of clubs or the six of spades. You just mention the color. Because you’re not giving them any pertinent information, their mind isn’t remembering it, and therefore they’re tricking themselves.

So you wanna leave the nine on top or the six, whatever, and the six on the bottom. Now important to note that these have to be opposite suits. They can’t be the six and nine of clubs. Six of spades, nine of clubs, other ones are here and here. It doesn’t matter where they are as long as they’re on top and on the bottom. The other two are gonna be placed in the deck randomly here.

Now you’re all set up for your trick. To start off the trick, what you’re gonna do is run through, find the nine, find the six, explaining that this is a gambling demonstration or whatever you wanna call it. And be sure not to flash this. So you wanna grab that, you wanna turn the deck around and say we’re gonna use the black six and the black nine. Now I do that while I’m sort of shuffling the cards like this because I don’t want them to look at them too long.

Don’t go I’m gonna use the black six and the black nine right, ’cause they’re not gonna know what the hell’s going on. They’re gonna think you’re having a seizure. So calm down, alright.

This is just a card trick. We’re gonna use the black six and the black nine. You can leave them on top and one after another, very cleanly put them into the middle.

But before you do, we need a justification of how we’re gonna find these. Because if we just pulled them out of the deck then what’s the point? How did we find them? So to justify that, I usually count.

So I’ll go here and I’ll be like, uh, that’s about 13 and 25, I believe 13 and 25, and then we do the move, right. So again that justifies the sort of reason you’re able to find it. It justifies the skill and the effect. Now we know that the cards are on top and on the bottom, the cards that you’re gonna produce, at least.

That’s where they are. Super simple. Here’s all you have to do. With your dealer hand, you wanna pinch the top and the bottom just like so. So all your fingers here and you’ve got your thumb here.

This hand here is gonna get ready to catch the rest of the cards. And if I do this in slow mo, here you go. I’m gonna let everything drop except the top and the bottom cards, which you hold out.

So by doing that, by applying a little bit of pressure, it looks like those were stripped out from the middle of the deck, especially if you show this hand empty. Come over here and show these. A little bit of misdirection going on. So just be bold.

Go ahead and practice this. Just go over your couch if you like, but literally just toss it into this hand and catch it. And the more confident you’re gonna get with that, at first you’re gonna do this, right. It’s gonna be, that’s gonna be what it looks like at first, but eventually you’ll be over here and you can catch them super far away which looks more and more impressive. Practice that.

That is the six and nine trick. Let’s get on to the second performance of the next trick thing. So check it out.

Here for this trick, we are going to use two cards that will help me find your card. These are the two queens, the two red queens. I’m gonna hold onto those for now, and I’m gonna have you go ahead and select any card you like in the entire deck.

This one right here? Well, perfect. Thank you very much. Have a look at that card, and I’m gonna lose that card somewhere into the deck. Now I will need those two queens, and they’re gonna sandwich the deck just like so, as you can see, the red queen here and the red queen here.

And just like that, one card is caught between the two queens, your selection, the four of clubs. So that was a sandwich effect using the same principle but you end up sandwiching their selection between the two cards, and I’m gonna show you guys how that works. So you wanna grab two cards that you’re gonna use as the sandwich cards. You can use anything really as long as they’re the same.

I like using face cards, so let’s say the two queens. You can set these aside for now. And so we’ll get back to those in a second. So maybe you can put them on the table, put them in your pocket, have a spectator hold them. And now they’re going to select a card.

Here’s the thing, you have to be able to control their selection to the bottom of the deck. Many ways to go about that. A very simple way, so what I use is a straddle pass. I’m not gonna get into that. Basically controls any card to the bottom of the deck really quickly. You could also use something as simple as a double undercut.

So you can do it like this, you can have them do this. You can say hold the cards in a bevel like so. Run your finger down the side. They say stop. They look at a card, so let’s say this card here. I riffle the rest keeping a pinkie break right underneath.

I hold that break with this thumb so I transfer from my pinkie break here to my thumb. And as I’m talking, I’m going to grab half of that, put it on top. And I’m gonna let the other half fall into my hand and put it on top.

Oh boy. That’s why I don’t do the double undercut. Let’s try that again. They say stop, you go to here. I’m here, and now I double undercut, and the card is now on the bottom. Or you can have them say stop in a dribble like so.

You can have them look at this card, shuck forward. I taught this before where their selection is right here basically, but it’s sort of in jogged because what you’re doing is this, you’re dribbling to the back. And that selection is in jog, so your thumb’s gonna come in there and hold that break.

And same thing, you’re gonna grab half, bring it to the top, grab the other half, bring it to the top as you’re just casually talking. Now the card is on the bottom. Once you’re in this position where you control the card to the bottom of the deck, here’s what you’re gonna have to do. You’re gonna take the two queens, and you’re gonna place one on top and one on bottom.

You could either do it with your right hand or your left hand, whatever you’re more comfortable with. But what you’re gonna do is, by showing them the bottom card, so you can say I have the two queens that are sandwiching the deck. You’re going to just let that one protrude a little bit, because here’s what’s gonna happen. Their card is here, but your index is contacting that card as well as this one.

So the friction, let’s do it slow, of the cards going this way will automatically sandwich their selection between those two. So when done quickly, it’s the same principle. You jog it a little bit on the edge of the card. I’m holding this here so as I throw the rest of the cards into my right hand, one card will be sandwiched, and it’ll be their selection.

And that’s it. Yeah, we did it! Alright guys, that was it. Thanks so much for watching. Thanks so much for learning, and thanks so much for your support for this channel, always a blessing, always amazing.

You guys are like literally the best community in the world. I always say this, magic community is dope, but YouTube magic community is where it’s at. So I wanna thank you guys again for all the support.

We had a meet up in New York. Thank you to everybody who came out there. You guys are all really, really awesome, and I just, I can’t wait to meet each and every one of you eventually. If you liked this video, again, hit the like button and subscribe if you’re not already subbed to the Ram fam. And we’ll see you on the next video. Peace.

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