Learn to Play Blackjack from a Dealer : Quick Card Value Math in Blackjack

Now that we’ve conquered the dealing, some of the rules, now one of the most important things to know are some of the do’s and don’t of the game for any player or dealer. What’s really important is the math and I always call it doing public math, for the player and the dealer. So the players really need to know, and the dealers of course need to know how to do the math, and add numbers really fast in their heads, so they know the value of any two cards at any given moment. For the most part, the players need to know their own value of the cards, but they can ask the dealer and it’s up to the dealer, it’s not up to, it’s actually their responsibility if a players asks to let them know the value of their cards, so math is really good, so really get in the habit of adding fast and again, it’s basic math, so hopefully that works for you. Something that is really important for me and hopefully to contribute to you out there watching is you want to know the players names.

I like to make everyone feel really comfortable at the table; it doesn’t need to be so serious, just having fun and playing the game of blackjack so when the player comes to the table, a nice etiquette for the dealer would be “what’s your name?”, really get in the habit of learning their names. I’ll tell you there’s nothing like making a group of people feel comfortable, and it’s also better for tips. And tips is a part of the dealer’s pay.

Something that’s most is that you, not just the players want to have fun and smile because when you’re having fun, the players have a good time. Again it comes to, the tips, well of course you’re not just doing it for the tips, because when they’re having fun you’re having fun and vice versa, so when you have fun, they’re having fun and it’s a great time for all. So it’s a little bit of gambling, a little bit of socializing, and you’re all having a good time. As I said you want to make the players feel comfortable, you want to be able to add fast. I would think some etiquette for the players would be, just use sticking with the game at hand. You know, talk at the tables fine, but it doesn’t want to be to the point of interruption with the play at hand.

Becoming a professional blackjack dealer, dealing in casinos, you need to be a licensed dealer and to find that out you can Google sites, schools near you and see what school you want to go to and that way you’ll be certified to be able to deal at the casinos as long as you have your certificate.