How to Play Basic Blackjack : Casino Etiquette for Playing Blackjack

Hi This is Daniel on behalf of Expert Village. In this clip we ’ re going to talk about proper etiquette when playing 21 at a casino. Now etiquette is important because you ’ re not going to be the only one necessarily playing at any one table when joining a game in progress. You ’ ll, want to either ask the players. If it ’ s. Okay, if you join or you ’ ll – want to wait until the dealer. ’ s shuffling again!

Now. The reason for this is, if you ’ re, sitting at a table and you ’ re playing and it ’ s going really well. When someone else steps in it can ruin that flow. Now you may not mind because you ’ re, just joining the game, but if you happen to be in that game and doing well and someone doesn, ’ t follow etiquette. Then obviously you ’ re the one that it ’ s being detrimental to so it ’ s always good to follow that etiquette.

The other thing is when playing at a standard, blackjack table or 21 table you need to buy in buy in is getting your chips. Now, depending you may come to the table with chips or you ’ ll hand your money to the dealer. Now, when handing your money to the dealer, you simply place it on the table and ask for a buy in he. ’ ll take your money and he ’ ll. Give you the proper amount of chips. He ’ ll count them out for you and then pass them over.

You ’ ll, never directly hand anything to the dealer, nor will he hand anything to you When playing the game. When you place a bet, you ’ re, going to simply place it on your placer, your cards. There are two ways to signal that you want to either stand, which is a hand straight out or you want to hit, which usually is a rub of your cards towards you or your fingers towards you that ’ s going to let the dealer know that you Want another card: Now, if you ’ d, like to split, if you ’ d like to take your two cards and split them, simply take them out, say, split and then take the equal amount of chips that you have, on your other hand and place it down. The dealer will now know that you want to split the hand If you ’ re, going to double down. Simply tell the dealer that you ’ re, going to double down.

Take the equal amount of the bet that ’ s already there and place it next to the other bet that ’ s going to tell the dealer that you want one more card and that you ’ re done with your hand.