How Slot Machines Are Tested and Regulated with Ian Hughes From Gaming Labs International

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In this video I visit the 2014 Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas, which is one of the world’s largest trade shows for the casino gaming industry. At this show, which is held in late September each year, gaming manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world spy, their latest products and technologies, a casino executives, it’s a great show to attend, because visitors can try out often there was some machines before they’re available to The general public bus there are many celebrity appearances and other fun events in this segment. I speak with Ian Hughes, who is the vice president of Global Services, said gali gaming laboratories, international, which is the world’s largest independent testing facility for electronic gaming machines, GLI his contract and Bob State Nevada to test of their gaming machines, and I asked and about how That testing process works, I’m here with Ian Hughes from GLI game labs International, which is the the world’s largest testing facility independent testing facility. That’S just a theory test, rather 400 jurisdictions around the world for all talk to regulate a gang products.

As of if you doing a particular jurisdiction, but let let’s ask in the United States how many states have their own testing labs added any future has a ring testing lab says cited: New Jersey has our 11 Philadelphia generally, an older States and United States use an Independent testing lab such is here and study Nevada that we do all the testing or rather study Nevada Gaming Control Board. So we test all the products at prior to them being deployed in the field. Ok, see nice.

Are there others states in the US it where you test the gaming machines? Yes, which is for the majority, the states across United States Army’s case to SK, say a pretty much every state in the United States. Would you say with used your life for that listing side, a majority senate Majority pop from two or three alright, so New Jersey has its own testing lab? How would how would your testing system be any different, then then say the state in New Jersey’s testing lab at well?

I think they approach the sign and then all the states had. I E that they re vigorous, said requirements at the manufacturers have to me, and so the technical requirements are sent to the sin. The machines have to be fair; they have to have a random number generator and its up to the lab, with RBS style ever independent lab that the manufacturers satisfy those requirements that a light out alright.

So if a manufacturer has a new slot machine that – and they want to introduce you to the market – I i imagine they go to you first and you you test the chips on the machines. Yeah. That’S right, so is a is a long process.

I am so. If a machine has a manufactures, a new platform and the hardware, the cabinet, the by six a trip – and we will look at numbers thing, so we make sure that it communicates directly with the system to make sure that the casino I can read the information that The Flyers getting there at Playa points and all this talk two things and where the key things as we look at the random number generator making sure that the machine is random. That has I a chance. Its high is what it’s a place to buy the night sure that the prizes, ok by the creek time outside it, at three checks on the machine you getting hi the right number credits.

If you put money into the machine you getting their autumn and credits for that side, basically that the machine makes the rules see protect the flyer, protect the jurisdiction, protect the market and the public has to have a high degree of confidence that the machines do what They expect the day are in a sudden. Now you work at the Gaming Commission and any to these particular states. So once you get this report, you would send a report to the actual Gaming Commission.

You know it. It varies from state to state jurisdiction. But generally that’s how it works and if we find a fault during the testing, let’s say manufacturers in something agli an hour, and she is fine that the machine didn’t i the creek now in the first thing, is we let the manufacture, not this hasn’t even gone Into the field get and in the manufacture, with would rate, is on record that basis of way resubmit it back to the lab.

We would look at make sure that it speaks and then once everything meets the requirements we give report back to the manufacturer and sometimes use and report directly to the regulator. Sometimes a manufacturer has to provide that with other information to the regulator. The regulators had a at, which is the Gaming Control board’s, have an online access to a database assistance, so a lot of things and electronic place, so they can see in real time they start things.

We light up security certificates to make sure that the fishing software is strictly saw under this Act. That’S very technical process, but this article online information 10 now once a machine as actually out in a casino. I would imagine the H H. Each machine has a senate-approved chips that can be in that particular machine. That’S exactly right! Yes! So so now what happens out how this the Gaming Control Board f’s?

Do they do periodic inspections to make sure that the proper chips are in these machines? You know they do so, there’s a couple things festival, the casino operator themselves might be radically inspect the machines and and as a couple different ways to do that they can remove the software. Putting into I independent machine such as a cut the trauma Shane orgy, like they’re, fine machine, and what that does.

Is it there five signature on the software and make sure that that matches acidification report to make sure that the software in operation is actually the Free Software, the machines or psychic to an online system and sup? Any software changes the system all identify that and in the machines themselves, when you start up the machine, it does the sickness checks. I is a number of different ways and, as you said, the casino, the rate that respect is the Gaming Control board’s also spin there. It’S in their inspections stop and, I would add, their father suffer themselves now. Do you know what would be involved FAA if in a particular state, if they found a % uh the wrongs?

Chip on it on a machine say, was approved for one machine and it was accidentally put on a different machine and can something like that happen? You know a it can happen and is obviously processes in place to ensure that does not happen at different jurisdictions. Have different approaches to it at the casino could receive a fine and, in terms of a violation said, I could receive a violation notice and depending on how bad it is, if it’s a basis of with its obsolete and it had be updated. But it was still previously approved. It may not be so as bad as at the software that was never approved in the first place, are really does depend on what it eats in and now.

One thing that you had mentioned was that somebody’s are are online, that that the machines are checked online, but now I is, I talk about server based gaming, or are you talking about individual much? This is my understanding that server-based gaming is not really that widespread, yet and and efficacy. No wonder the chain to chip in after going to manually pulled out, but another one.

That’S set. You know that that’s changing and more. The software is downloadable within the casino environment, but you’re right when I mean online, I meant more badass in being you monitoring system. So I, within the casino all the machines, talk back to a central system which is posted within the casino and that online communication means that if I take a ticket or couch it to a machine, I can cash. That mean I put my players card into the machine.

All that information is within the network, I’m not talking about online, such as you can, or interactive gaming or within their casino network. A day to you also work with state Gaming agencies. I do server-based gaming. Absolutely!

Yes and said the vice gaming is at becoming and more popular, and it gives up right is that more ability to change software out on of us devices side we at we do a lot of work on the online and will work on that. Damn Lytle said the vice gaming as well. Now, on our side, we had we get a lot of people who don’t play these machines and they make comments and the biggest comet we get all the time as people sample. I went in there and I lost my money and I try to explain that. You know waiting on a casino you’re supposed to lose our money, but but they get upset – and I say all other machines – this casino there are only paid 50, the only I’m sure. They’Re only set to pay back 15 percent.

I only said the pay back $ 20 per cent now. Firstly, I’m writing about casinos for a long time slot machines. I’Ve never seen a chip set to less than diving. Eighty-Two percent was a Lois i’ve. Seen did you have any comments as for the people who think they go in there?

These machines are set only get back fifteen percent of the money they take it right. Well, there, the minimum retained a five percentage. Xy talking about is sick by each night and so you’re right nice jurisdiction was set. The minimum retain Desai thought the same, so 9 machine can have a high-tech percentage below that amount. Different states in different jurisdictions have a different meaning and that all the machines have to pry at or about that minimum, and that’s a big battle requirements that we do.

In addition to that, the of a writer has the march to the machines and identify after 10 high percentages Eva flying below the the minimum retained. And if it is, then you know it has to be replaced. All 25 at you notice that such as goin sure that the minimum reserve white shirt a I one, last question for now and I’m sure our viewers are interested in this handy when on a slot machine a well, you know it’s it’s completely random, it’s completely random! So I you know, if you play them long enough, I guess you gon na get a win, but, as you said that mean amor channel 5 percentage is always is. It was gon na be there. So I don’t know how to win a slot machine and Nick someone, an idiot and at have to fight Federal, Plaza, make sure that you know there was nothing he could exporters of machine like that.

The case in Hughes from gaming lab international GL. I thank you very much for your time today. Thanks very much kiss, don’t forget that you can see more of our educational gaming. Videos on our YouTube channel was go to YouTube dot com, slash American casino guide;