24 Hours in Singapore

Hey what’s up everybody, guess what country I’m in? I’m in Singapore! Yes! I’m only here for roughly 24 hours, this is pretty much a visa run. And I decided to go to come to a country where I’ve never been and that I could probably see some things within one day.

I know I’m definitely going to have to come back and visit for like 2 or 3 days to really get the full experience. But yeah, let’s go check out Singapore guys. Alright, I’ve arrived to Aljunied Station, and I’m going to walk to my hotel. Wow, I just got out of the station and already I’m seeing lots of food. Look at all that. But I got to get to my hotel first.

Ok, first impressions of Singapore, uhmm… Looking around, it’s like a very very clean version of downtown Honolulu. The trees look almost exactly the same, the grass, it’s just everything is clean and spotless. That’s Singapore for you. I don’t see any trash.

Yeah, it’s very nice. There’s one thing I completely overlooked about Singapore. It’s just like Japan and the United Kingdom, they drive on the left side of the road. Wow, look at those apartment buildings. They have the Singapore flag on every floor. I think there was a National holiday just recently because I saw someone’s Instagram post that showed a lot of this.

Pretty cool. And here’s my hotel, the sign looks really dirty. But it was cheap – $24 USD a night here.

Just a standard bed, that’s all I need for one night. Here it is guys. The smallest hotel room I’ve been in in a very long time. There’s me. A little night stand thing and a kettle.

Bed. Blankets. Mini TV. Curtains.

And a very tiny narrow bathroom with a wet bath shower. Oh weird, they open up like this. Let’s get some breeze in here, this place is hot. Oh yeah, there we go. Ok, I left the hotel and I’m going to go meet up with some friends.

But uhhh… there’s some dark clouds and thunder, and I don’t have an umbrella. Yay. Wow, very pretty.

-This is a perfume shop. -Yeah. -It’s a perfume shop. -Wow, look at that. So many little perfumes. Woah, it’s in a bag.

Yeah, in a bag. -This is called curry puff. -What’s inside? -It’s just potato. Yeah. -Just potato?

-It’s a pastry containing potato. -Yeah, it’s the same thing. -This is the same thing?

And what kind of tea is this? -Actually, it’s milk tea, but it’s just that they probably used more condensed milk than others. -Oh, I see. Gotcha. -It smells like a coffee in Vietnam, I guess. -It looks very bubbly.

Ok, Iskandar, thank you! Cheers! Ok, let’s try this out. That’s just a snack?

Yeah, just a snack. It’s really good! This could be a meal for me. No, it’s just a snack. We are going to Singapore Zam Zam.

-This is the Murtabak, and this one is chicken? -Chicken, yes. -My god, that thing is huge. -Yes. Looks really good.

-And over here is another Murtabak, and this one is mutton. -Yes. Wow!

Look at that. Going to get some of this curry and put it on here. We’ll get some of this chicken murtabak here, and mix it up with some of that curry. Wow, it’s really good! It’s not spicy, hehehe Very savory. A little bit salty, still really good though.

I love it! Ok now we’re going to go for the mutton. Break off a piece here. Get that sauce. Yeah, there it is.

The texture on top is completely different from the other one. And there’s no heavy mutton taste or anything like that. Hey guys! They’re showing me around Singapore.

-You guys were born and raised here, right? -Yep! This is the home land, it’s a very beautiful place. We’re just walking around after we ate. The air temperature is really nice, it’s much cooler here than it is in Hanoi. Same humidity, but much cooler temperature.

And this is a very beautiful city at night, all the lights come on, it’s very colorful. -It’s expensive! -It’s very expensive, hahaha Yeah, this is gorgeous! Look at this cityscape. There’s the Marina Bay Sands.

And they’re having a kind of like a water show over there in the distance. Wow, beautiful! Many couples come out here to chill out and just enjoy the free pokies. -So this bridge is called the Helix bridge? -Yeah, The Helix bridge.

So it’s designed off of the helix, essentially, so they even have the molecule things here. There’s G, C, T, and A. -I think that’s it, right? Four letters?

-Yeah, yeah. So you’re essentially walking through a DNA double helix bridge. They’re doing a wedding photo shoot here. Yep, that is a common scene.

Alright, we are in the Shops at Marina Bay Sands. It’s a giant (high-end luxury) shopping mall, right? Yeah, it’s a shopping mall, and it’s a casino as well. There’s a casino here? Ahhh Yeah, the Marina Sands, so that’s why they call it Marina Bay Sands. I feel like I’m in an airport.

Alright, we stepped outside, and there’s a giant bowl. Let’s check out this bowl. Woah. That’s mesmerizing. -Oh, they turn the water off? And it goes down?

-Yeah. I guess it’s like maybe Asians wherever it is, they want the movement of water somewhere in front of something. So they say it brings like luck, or good charm or something like that. There’s where the spinning water is draining down into that little water fountain area. Alright, Gardens By The Bay. And there is the Singapore Flyer.

Here’s the Supertrees. Right now they’re blue. (I think they’re always blue.) It’s very Avatar-ish.

It looks like Avatar. Good morning everybody, it is day 2 here in Singapore. And unfortunately, it’s not going to be a full day. I actually have to head to the airport in roughly 3 hours.

I really wish I could go to Little India or Chinatown, there’s just no time. So I’m in the Geylang area, and this is definitely a foodie town. But at this time right now, it’s about 9:00am, I don’t think there’s going to be a lot of things open. I think there’s some 24 hour joints, some kind of hawker stalls or something.

And so I’m just going to kind of roam around for a little bit, try to find some food show you guys some of the cool stuff that’s around just the Geylang area. Then essentially that’s pretty much it for this video. So my bed was OK, it was comfy. It’s just really short. My feet were definitely dangling off the bottom here.

I’m 6 feet tall. And my head was literally up against this wall. Small bad, but at least it was comfy, I slept OK. And I woke up this morning to a lot of wind, and this kind of weather here. I hope it doesn’t rain while I’m walking around.

Found a little small hawker center here, and this guy is open 24 hours, and there’s a line of people here so I decided that guy must be good. Some nice pieces of shrimp, there’s some tofu, got some good ol’ noodles. This broth smells great, I can smell the coconut coming off of it. It’s very savory and sweet. Let’s go ahead and try some. The flavor of this Laksa is amazing!

It’s way better than any Laksa I’ve had in Korea or elsewhere. I also got this little side dish here with sliced red chilies and I don’t know what kind of sauce that is, I’m assuming it’s soy-based. I’m just going to take a piece of this and dip it in there. Get that spice going. Wow!

That’s nice and spicy, I love that! I’m going to try it with the tofu. Ok, tofu has been properly dipped into that chili sauce.

Look what I stumbled upon. Tons of durian. Wow!

It’s a wall of durian. It’s very pungent, smells very sweet. Ok, we’re back at Changi Airport.

Check out this. This is a very awesome looking space. I’m here at the Food Street in the airport.

And there’s just a ton of food here. It’s looks really good. I feel like I’m not in the airport. Ok I got myself a watermelon + lemon mixed juice. I’m just killing some time before my flight.

I was going to get some food, but they said it was going to take 15 to 20 minutes to get the order ready. And I didn’t want to wait that long, so I’m just going to have this and then maybe find a lounge or bar and have a beer or two before my flight. Alright guys, I found the Carlsberg Sports Bar here in the airport. Picked up a pint of Carlsberg beer, and this is kind of my tradition when I travel. I definitely have a beer or two at the airport.

Helps you kind of loosen up the nerves, and prepare you for a flight. Cheers! Ahhhh…

It’s good. So it’s time for me to head through the gate, and board my flight in about 10 minutes or so. So I just wanted to wrap up this video and give you some of my thoughts.

I’ve been in Singapore for only 24 hours, it seems like a long time. It feels like a long time, but it actually just flew by so quickly. You know, the whole main goal of this journey was to do my visa run. So it wasn’t like a vacation, it wasn’t supposed to be a 3 or 4 day trip and see the whole city, experience all kinds of cool stuff, and especially eat food.

It wasn’t that kind of a journey this time, so I’m definitely going to have to come back. Aim for 3 to 4 days, that’ll give me plenty of time to check out all the stuff I missed. Big shout out to Suhaila and Iskandar for meeting up with me last night and just showing me all the cool stuff down near Marina Bay and yeah, it was just so beautiful. Singapore is freaking beautiful.

And I can’t wait to come back, it’s such a cool place. Alright, thanks guys. Give this video a thumbs up, subscribe if you haven’t, check me out on social media(@feedthecory) and Patreon. I love you all, and I’ll see you guys back in Vietnam. Bye!